F1- Vettel – Webber and Button – Perez provide the F1 sideshow

Although the start of the F1 season has gone pretty much to form, with champion Sebastian Vettel already leading the drivers’ standings, there has been no shortage of excitement. In fact the headline-grabbing moments so far have focused on the strained relationships between team-mates at both Red Bull and McLaren, complicating ambitions to get ahead in the constructors’ championship.

At the Malaysian Grand Prix, Vettel’s team-mate Mark Webber came out of the pits with a slight advantage and despite Red Bull team instructions to let Webber take first place, Vettel took the lead with eleven laps to go and never looked back. Although he initially apologised for ignoring team orders, Vettel eventually admitted that he wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing again. If you are looking for good F1 odds, there is surely a decent chance that the bad blood between the two drivers will surface once again before the season ends.

Red Bull’s rival McLaren has also been afflicted by discord within the camp. At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Jenson Button made his displeasure with the actions of rookie team-make Sergio Perez very clear over the team radio. Although the two have reportedly patched up their differences, you can’t help wondering if the tension between Button, who rightly regards himself as McLaren’s senior driver and the ambitious Perez has really been put to bed for the long term. It all sets the stage for some fascinating sub-plots as the season unfolds.

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