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Bones Super Reds Bearings, 8 Pack set With FREE Bones Spacers & Speed Washers

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Overall Rating: Total Customer Reviews: (0) Sale Price: $29.95 Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours Free Shipping Available Super REDS are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market at this price point. What Super REDS are not is a REDS bearing with just better super finishing (surface polishing). Super REDS are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish. The result is a bearing that is as fast as REDS but quieter, smoother, and longer lasting. Super REDS use a black shield and laser engraving to differentiate themselves from original REDS.


YOCAHER Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard

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Overall Rating: Total Customer Reviews: (97) List Price: $139.99 Sale Price: Click Here to View Sale Price Availability: The drop down bomber is designed for high speeds, downhilling, carving and also cruising. This drop-down is solid with its hard Canadian Maple 9-ply and can hold weights up to 275 LBs. The deck sits lower to the ground for more control and stability.